Hatch Art企画の展覧会
2007/9/14(Fri) - 9/30(Sun) @ZAIM



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You will see the freshness of vision from the City of Yokohama where now blend right in with plush modernization.

The city of Yokohama has always been forward-thinking and positioned to embrace the future, both geographically and mentally. Beginning with a shogun mandate responding to commodore Perry in the mid 1800s, this tiny fishing village was quickly transformed into a major portal of international trade, and currently show cases its model of modern urban development, Minato Mirai 21, with a conference center, museums, hotels, cinemas, restaurants, and an amusement park. The city of Yokohama was a major exporter of raw silk and currently is the home of Japan’s largest China town. It claims the first bakery, photo studio, telephone, beer brewery, cinema, daily newspaper, public restrooms, gas lanterns, dry cleaners, tennis club, ice cream, and was the site of Japan’s first movie shoot.

Easily and quickly accessible from Tokyo, Yokohama has been the home of the renown international exhibition, ‘Yokohama 2008: Triennale of Contemporary Art’’, in 2001 and 2005, organized by prominent Japanese curators that included prominent artists and attracted a global audience.

“Under the Influence” is an exhibition that simultaneously addresses Yokohama’s commitment to preserving its historic past while foregrounding its current prominence. The title reflects the pervasive influence of Yokohama as a major force in art and commerce, and is an open concept with an edge, inviting creative freedom from the international list of guest artists, in conversation with the invited Japanese artists. This exhibition is sponsored by ZAIM (Yokohama Arts Foundation), curated by an American guest curator Dr.Koan Jeff Baysa from New York and is planned by Hatch Art from Art Scene from Los Angeles.

TITLE: Yokohama Boogie:Under the Influence
Opening Date: September 14th - 30th, 2007
Opening Hours:Monday-Friday 11:00-18:00, Saturday- Sunday 11:00-19:00
Venue: 2nd, 3rd Floor, ZAIM (Annex)
Address: 34 Nihon Odori, Yokohama-Shi
Kanagawa, 231-0021 Japan
Access: 2 minutes on foot from Nihon-odori Station on the Minato Minari line.
5 minutes on foot from Kanai Station on the Negishi or the Yokohama-shiei Subway lines.
TEL: 045-222-7030
FAX: 045-662-0509
Homepage: http://za-im.jp

Sponsorship: ZAIM (Yokohama Arts Foundation)
Curator: Dr.Koan Jeff Baysa
Planning: Hatch Art/ Shingo Francis, Hiroaki Sumiya, Naoko Sakurai, Kimiaki Tanikawa, Sayaka Ashidate, Mutsumi Shinohara
Office Address: ZAIM406, 34 Nihon Odori, Yokohama-Shi Kanagawa, 231-0021, Japan

Supports: Kanagawa Shimbun, Television Kanagawa, Inc, Radio Nippon Co., Ltd, Yokohama F.M. Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Yokohama-City Cable Television Association, Embassy of United Nation, Tokyo, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Stroom Den Haag
Cooperation: Glalerie Paris, Youkobo Art Space, Shinohara Fine Art, Yoshidate House 

Kata Mejia (US) - installation
James Jack (US) - installation
Pan Xing Lei (China) - installation
Dominik Lejman (Poland) - video
Aaron Sheppard (US) - installation
Adam Nankervis (UK/Australia) - installation
Klaus Schafler (Austria) - installation
Saya Woolfalk (US) - installation, performance
Kaori Ukaji (US) - installation
Leo van der Kleij (Netherland) - photography
Toshio Sekiji (Japan) - installation
Kaeko Mizukoshi(Japan)- video, photography
Hiroki Kehara (Japan) - video, installation
Shimura Nobuhiro (Japan) - video, installation
Erimo (Japan) - Doll Sculptures


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Guest Curator: Dr.Koan Jeff Baysa

Dr. Koan-Jeff Baysa is an independent curator, writer, specialist physician and alumnus of the Whitney Independent Study Program in Curatorial Studies. His writing appears in gallery and museum catalogues, art periodicals, website journals, and medical science publications.

Lecture venues include Montclair State University, ISCP, ArtOMI, Persons Association of Independent Collages of Art and Design New York Studio Program in addition to graduate architecture critiques at Pratt Institute and Columbia University.

‘At Home and Abroad’ co-curated with Dana Friis-Hansen, ‘Lysis’ at Pamela Auchincloss Project Space, NY, ‘Per Ora: Consuming Desire’ for Visual AIDS, ‘Freshen’ at WSG, SF, ‘Oxygen’ at White Box, NY, ’Dermatome’ at cherrydelosreyes, LA, ‘Fear Itself’ at Lance Fung Gallery, NY.
Dr. Baysa is on the boards of The Vera List Center for Art and Politics at The New School, Art-Science Collaborations Inc., Art OMI, artbain.org, and cross Path Culture.

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Press Contact:Hatch Art
Fax: 050-1407-8351
E-mail: hatchart@gmail.com
Office Address: ZAIM406, 34 Nihon Odori, Yokohama-Shi Kanagawa, 231-0021, Japan
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